Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flat Mason

Flat Mason arrives in Beaverton, Oregon.  Here he is with Grandpa Griffin outside Grandpa's home.
We are very familiar with the "Flat Stanley" book.  We have had a Flat Sarah and a Flat Mitchell visit us in Oregon.  We have lived in Oregon for nearly 20 years.  Oregon is a beautiful state.  There are national forests, volcanic mountains, sand dunes and a beautiful coast whose beaches are open to anyone who visits.  Crater Lake in Southern Oregon is the deepest lake in the Western Hemisphere. Mount Hood offers snow skiing year round, too. Everyone should come for a visit!

Here is Flat Mason in the Columbia River Gorge.  This gorge was carved out by the Columbia River more than 700,000 years ago.  As the volcanos rose, the river carved it's path.  Many tourists come to see this beautiful landscape.  People come from all over the world to wind surf in Oregon's Columbia Gorge.

In the gorge you will also find more than 20 waterfalls.  Flat Mason visited two: Latourell Falls and Multnomah Falls.  Multnomah Falls is a very popular falls to visit.  You can hike up to the very top of the falls or just walk up to the bridge.  But be prepared, you can get quite wet!

Next Flat Mason flew with us to Arizona.  Here is Flat Mason on the plane.

Arizona has a large desert.  Mason's great-grandparents live there.  Flat Mason saw cactus, an orange grove and palm trees.

Here is a picture of Flat Mason with his great-grandparents at their home in Mesa.

Back in Oregon, Flat Mason went with us on a day-trip to the Oregon Coast. We visited Cannon Beach, which is well known for Haystack Rock, which is just of the coast in the Pacific Ocean. 

Of course, a visit to the beach is not complete with out a flock of seagulls!

Here is Grandpa and Mason with some spring flowers and a very large Puffin.

We enjoyed our visit with Flat Mason.  We hope he had a fun visit with us.  We are sending some postcards and keepsakes from our states. Maybe he will bring Spring back to you and you will have sunshine and warmer weather soon! 

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